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Summer Style

summer's on the way

We're looking forward to the promised & much anticipated July heatwave! Our new in is bursting with the widest range of women's dresses in print, jersey, maxi & wrap styles.

Summer is great, it's the beginning of something new!

As seen on... This Morning

Grandma I’m on the telly!

Last month we were lucky enough to be featured on the fashion slot of This Morning.

You'll see our beautiful necklace styled with other huge retailers...This time it was a necklace, next time we are going for a full outfit and who knows even a cameo role from me and Jade 😂

Big thanks to @lrpublicrelations_ for opening these doors & @amberstyledit for being a fabulous stylist….⚡️⚡️⚡️

Get to the know the team...

Jade Answers 5 key questions

What’s your favourite song to dance around the office? New Radicals, Get what you give…

If not The Style Attic then what’s your dream job…Police Officer

What’s your party trick? I can make the noise of a dolphin…

Who’s your celeb crush? Who isn’t 😂 Jason Statham, Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam…

Out of hours how do you like to spend your time? Just being with my family enjoying days out…plus everyone knows I love walking! 

Favourite item @ TSACargo magic pants - I live in them…

Behind The Scenes

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In conversation with... @palmtreeskin

5 common skincare myths

This month we have got inside the mind of the fabulous Victoria from Palm Tree Skin to de-bunk some of the most common skincare myths…

In the skin care industry, you read & hear new information every day & we understand that it can be difficult to know what is actually true.
See below just some of the  most common skin care myths!


You can moisturise the skin by drinking water.

Water is key when it comes to skin health, but it only becomes noticeably visible on the skin when you are dehydrated. The skin needs you to add moisture from the outside to allow the barrier function to work correctly, otherwise moisture will just evaporate away.


If you have oily skin you don't need to moisturise. 

Oily skin still needs hydration because if it feels dry it will
over-compensate by producing more sebum, which makes it feel even more oily.


You should choose skin care for your age.

Patients in their 50s May have exactly the same skin concern as a patient in their 20s. You should always choose skincare by your skin type and concern... not age! I recommend having a face to face consultation with a professional rather than seek advise via the internet.


You won't tan if you wear sunscreen.

UV filters make up a third of the protection against UVB rays, which affect your melanin production. Sun protection doesn't completely stop a tan - it just slows the rate at which the skin darkens, which is a good thing. 


Blackheads are pores filled with dirt.

A blackhead occurs when a pore becomes clogged with sebum and skin cells.
The reason the pore is black has nothing to do with it being filled with dirt, but is an effect of the keratin in the sebum plug having oxidised.