The Style Attic Team


Edie was born in August 2014 at 25 weeks weighing just 710g, after a tough six months in hospital she finally arrived home. Given Edie’s rocky start it was apparent from the beginning that life wasn't going to be straight forward for our family. In October 2015, after a short return to work, I realised that however glamorous it seemed, full-time work in the fashion industry was no longer for me, although I knew that I couldn't give up on my passion completely. It was then I had the idea to use my years of experience as a fashion buyer to find a way to work around Edie & her hectic diary of appointments (trust me the girl is a social butterfly!) So within a few weeks to make my dream a reality, The Style Attic was born!

Initially the idea of knocking on someone’s door and walking through the house to an attic seemed quite strange to a lot of customers, but luckily the word started to get around and those customers kept coming back - often bringing a friend. I soon realised that word was spreading further a field so I started a postal service for the ladies who didn't live locally.



After a few great years & the arrival of another baby, I decided to move onto the next chapter & opened up our first shop (without the house attached this time!) It was the best decision I could have made & the real fun was just beginning. Along with my Mum Lisa & Sister Jade, we have established a solid shopping routine including regular opening hours, weekly stock pictures & our regular social media video sessions. As a family run & managed business, we work together to make our customers feel at home & part of our big Style Attic family…



In 2020 we finally found the time to launch our much needed website, enabling us to offer even more gorgeous styles to women all over the country. We have lots of ideas for the future & we hope you will stay along for the ride!

Team Style Attic x